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The National Hospice Foundation works to improve care at the end of life, raising money to fund programs that assist those in hospice care and their families, in addition to developing other resources, tools, and information to educate and empower.

The Stephen Ministries provide a system for training lay-people to provide care in and around congregations for the ill, hospitalized, bereaved, separated, divorced, unemployed, relocated, and others facing a crisis or life challenge.

The mission of the American Music Therapy Association is to advance public awareness of the benefits of music therapy and increase access to quality music therapy services in a rapidly changing world. Visit for information about upcoming music therapy events.

The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization is the largest nonprofit membership organization representing hospice and palliative care programs and professionals in the U.S. The organization works to improve and expande access to end-of-life care.

Members of the Threshold Choir travel in pairs or small groups to hospices, hospitals, nursing homes, and private homes to visit and sing at the bedsides of the ill or dying, as well as their families. They sing everything from chants and hymns to lullabies and choral music.

Music-Thanatology Association International explains music-thanatology, a musical/clinical practice which unites music and medicine in end-of-life care to ease the transition of the dying. Music-thanatologists utilize both harp and voice at patients’ bedsides.

The Hospice & Palliative Care Music Therapy site offers a variety of information about music therapy and using live music in the care of people living with advanced illnesses, including published research and information about upcoming institutes and trainings.